Research proposal

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Research proposal


Research proposal


Guidelines: At least 3 pages (not including title), double-spaced, no more than 1-inch margins

Choose a topic related to technology that would (hypothetically) interest you to conduct research. Think of topics that interest you (Cars, computers, the environment, space travel etc) and find a related question you’re curious about. You will NOT be conducting research for this assignment. You will be PROPOSING the kind of research you’d like to do as if I am the authority that will tell approve or deny your research.

Title or Cover Page
Name, Institution and title of project
Identifies the research question to be answered/studied
Provides background information regarding the research that will be conducted
Should be written for general audience/less expert audience
Literature review (utilized three credible sources)
**This is to show that you have an understanding of the area you propose to research**
Summary of previous research conducted in this particular area
Reference contributions of other researchers
Research Design or Methodology
This should lay out your plan of how research will be conducted
This section should include the procedures you will take for conducting your research (could include a summary of participants, materials, procedure, timetable etc.)
Describe problems you anticipate encountering and your attempts you will take to solve them
You may include sub-headings in this section to break up the content somewhat
Cite at least three credible sources (MLA style citation)

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