Responsibility, accountability, hon

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Responsibility, accountability, hon


Responsibility, accountability, hon


Use these two sources provided and follow these instructions:

Essay Prompt: For this assignment you will need to choose a topic from one of the essays from Unit Two surrounding the idea of accountability, responsibility, and/or honesty and research the topic.

You don’t have to answer all of the following questions, but here are some things to consider:

What is the author’s main point? Does the author hold credibility on the matter being discussed? How so? How does the author connect with you and/or their audience? What holes exist in the argument if any? What did the author present well? What ethical discussion is to be had in regards to the topic of the article you use?
You may consider the connection between human and environmental ethics or human to human contact. How does respect for other people relate to respect for accountability? Consider things happening in the world right now as they relate to the themes from this unit and use primary research to support your claims. Use at least three outside resources either from the college’s library database or equivalent primary and secondary research. Find at least one primary outside source and two articles from Unit Two to support your claims or disprove the author’s thesis. Use quotes from the text to support your claims rather than personal statements or examples.

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