Roman Catholic Theology

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Roman Catholic Theology


Roman Catholic Theology


Please read the instructions carefully, I will only use writers who have a score of 4.7 stars or higher who have a strong completion rate as well as a reasonable work history on this site.

Also, I may let this assignment sit for several hours to attract the ideal bidder. Lastly, I would recommend only candidates who have a familiarity with Christian and/or Roman Catholic theology to bid.

This assignment will be in two sections:
1. Assumptions
In a 2,000-word essay, analyze assumptions that underlie Catholic theology. Include in your discussion the role of (1) the New Testament, (2) church tradition, and (3) other sources.

2. Essay 2: Evaluation
In a 2,000-word essay, evaluate Catholic theology in relation to the New Testament. First, lay the foundation for your assessment by describing why the body of doctrine that defines Catholicism may advance beyond New Testament thought. Second, offer some examples of theological enhancement (e.g., the development of episcopacy, the development of the Lord’s supper into the mass). Third, offer your judgment on whether theological enhancement is a good or bad thing. Cite examples of how the enhancement may either advance or distort the teachings of Jesus and the apostles.

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