Romantic era/Nationalism

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Romantic era/Nationalism

Romantic era/Nationalism

week 5 reaction paper Listen to the following piece of music:

This is "Four Seasons," a cycle of four songs for soprano and piano, written by Rentaro Taki, a Japanese nationalist composer, in 1900. The four songs are meant to represent the four seasons, and are titled "Spring," "Evening Cool (in Summer)," "The Moon," and "Winter," respectively.

Write a reaction paper on that piece. Include the following:

•Identify the following elements of music: Tempo, meter, dynamics, modality (major/minor), harmonic tension, timbre, tessitura (texture), and musical form (if applicable).

•Based on the elements of music you identified, try to explain what general effect of the music is–happy, sad, intellectual, emotional, etc.–and the level of quality of the music–well-written, average, poor?–by virtue of how the composer chose and employed those elements.

•What do you think was the perspective of the composer while writing the piece? NOTE: To answer this question you will need to obtain some biographical information about the composer, and also some of the "backstory" of the composing of the piece in the assignment. NOTE: on this one, the textbook will not help you; consult other available sources (not just Wikipedia, which has very little), for any biographical information and/or information on the composition that might help answer this.

•What is your personal reaction to the music? How did it affect your mood/emotions when listening to it?

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