Sociology Literature Review

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Sociology Literature Review

Sociology Literature Review

Use sources on attached annotated bibliography. If you need the articles, let me know immediately.

The literature review should answer: For low income children is there a relationship between enrollment in head start and academic achievement?

ASA Style/format.

The lit review must accomplish the following four objectives: See attachment guidelines as well.

1. The review should provide a thorough summary of previous research on the topic. It should be an informative review for readers already familiar with the topic and an essential background for those new to the subject. The review should provide a clear sense about how the author’s current research fits into the broader, sociological understanding of the topic. When the reader completes the literature review, she or he should be able to say, “I now know what previous research has learned about this topic.”

2. The review should contain references to important studies related to the research question that are found in high quality scholarly journals and books. A good literature review conveys to readers that the author has been conscientious in examining previous research. In this process, readers are also provided with a set of references they may wish to review themselves.

3. The literature review should be succinct and well organized. Most scholarly journals stipulate a maximum length for papers submitted for publication, and often this is only about 20 pages. Thus, every page is precious, and authors must learn how to write succinctly. A typical literature review is only about 3, 4, or 5 of the 20 pages, and it must contain a lot of information. Therefore, it is important to learn how to do it succinctly.

Many authors begin with a short “Introduction” section that identifies the topic and its importance to society, in general, and sociology, in particular. This is followed by the “Literature Review” section that provides the overview of previous research and explains what has and what has not already been learned. Much of the focus of the literature review is on previous research. This includes use of sociological theories. Notice how the examples below illustrate this.

4. The review should follow established stylistic guidelines. This conveys to readers that the author is familiar with the scholarly publication style of the American Sociological Association (ASA). Moreover, when ASA style is used, it is easier for readers to follow the paper’s organization.

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