Summary Paragraph Assignment

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Summary Paragraph Assignment

Summary Paragraph Assignment: “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde (10%)

Scenario: You are working for a company that is hoping to adapt a short story into a film. Your supervising director had not read “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde, and since she doesn’t have time to read it (those executives are always so busy…), she would like you to read the short story. You are expected to summarize the most important points in one paragraph, and have it on her desk as soon as possible.

Since you are summarizing for your director, you know that you should use appropriate language when writing (no slang) and format your paragraph professionally
To create an effective summary, you should…
· list the title and author in the first sentence
· identify the key points
· be concise (5-8 sentences in length)
· use your own words (no direct quotations or slight changes with a thesaurus)
· leave out unnecessary details and examples
· leave out your own comments, opinions, or evaluations of the article

Step 1: Read
Read, “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde – short story is located in the Course Documents.

Step 2: Think
Consider, what would your director need to know? What are the most important points? List at least two key points.
Re-read the short story and identify any key points you may have missed.

Step 3: Write
Type one paragraph (5-8 sentences) that summarizes the key points. Remember to include
points that are the most important for your director to know.

Step 4: Format

Format your page in APA style and add a references page to the end of your document.
Please refer to the online Seneca APA Guide to ensure your formatting is correct. The references page should identify only the short story summarized in APA style.

Step 5: Submit

Submit your completed paragraph through Blackboard. Upload your document (saved as Rich text format or .docx only) to the assignment area.

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