The Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic

Instructions: Please take a look at the images and text presented in the link below. You will find images of people, places, and items related to the culture of the Dominican Republic. After looking at the pictures (in all five slides) and reading about them, follow the instructions below. Answer this section in English.

1. Santo Domingo is the oldest city founded by Europeans in the Western Hemisphere. How does this influence the development of the Dominican Republic in terms of politics, geography, economy, culture, music, and cuisine after the arrival of the Spaniards?
2. Can you make some cultural connections and/or comparisons between the Dominican Republic and the other countries in the Caribbean, based on the images presented in the link and other Hispanic cultural symbols that are popular in the United States? Give a minimum of three (3) examples.

Part 2: In Spanish
Describe “Tus vacaciones” to tell me about what you like to do when you travel on vacations. You may use the present or preterite tenses.

Use the following questions to guide your response.
⦁ ¿A dónde te gusta ir de vacaciones? ¿Por qué? Por ejemplo: Me gusta ir a Europa/las montañas/etc. porque ….
⦁ ¿Cómo prefieres viajar: por avión, barco, tren o carro? ¿Por qué?
⦁ ¿Qué haces si hay una demora en tu vuelo o en tu transporte?
⦁ En tu opinión, ¿qué cosas necesitas llevar en tu equipaje cuando viajas de vacaciones?
⦁ ¿Qué actividades te gusta hacer en tus vacaciones?
⦁ ¿Qué cosas te molestan (bother you) o no te gustan cuando vas de viaje o estás de vacaciones?
⦁ ¿Qué te gustaría (would you like to) hacer en tus próximas (next) vacaciones?

Part 3: In Spanish

The following verbs in italics are all listed in the present tense. Replace all verbs in the present with the preterite (past tense). Be sure to include accent marks where appropriate.

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