The internment of Japanese American

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The internment of Japanese American

The internment of Japanese American

Writing Project #1: The Summary and Response Essay Overview:

Summarizing and responding to the texts of others is a very common assignment in academic writing across the disciplines. Such assignments allow writers to take part in important debates of concern in the university and beyond. For this essay, I want you to respond to ideas we will be reading, watching, and discussing in our classes.

You will respond to an historical event, the internment of Japanese American citizens during World War II. Except for the provided readings and personal knowledge/experience, no other sources are required or will be accepted. We will begin working with APA style citations and formatting. You should use the Seagull’s APA Directory, beginning on page 160 work with APA citation style. Skills: The purpose of English 111 is to help you develop and practice writing and thinking skills essential to your success in college and in your professional life beyond school. Drawing on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains, we will focus on developing writerly “moves” that characterize strong written communication. This assignment will ask you to practice the following writing skills: Understanding, Applying, and Analyzing. Knowledge: This assignment will focus on developing knowledge in the following course learning objectives: ✓ (2) Apply critical reading and thinking skills to the writing process. ✓ (6) Apply strategies for the composition process, such as drafting, collaboration, revision, and peer evaluation to produce written documents. ✓ (7) Write well-organized essays with a firm thesis and a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. ✓ (10) Support a thesis statement with valid reasons and evidence. The Assignment:

Write a “summary/response” essay that includes (1) a summary of the event and (2) a response to that summary section in which you speak back to what is said in the research documents from your own critical thinking, personal experience, and values.

The summary (no more than two paragraphs) should be of passages in the documentary that relate most directly to your thesis (main point). The summary should do two things. It should summarize the main points of the documentary as a whole, and it should identify the specific passage or passages in the documentary you will be addressing in your response.

Once you have written the summary portion of the paper, you should assert your thesis and spend most of the essay defending it with “reasons” and “evidence.” Make sure you examine the alternative viewpoints provided in the research documents in your essay. Showing differing viewpoints will give balance to your essay.

As you formulate your response, consider both the authors’ ideas and the authors’ rhetorical choices concerning audience, purpose, genre, and style. You may also wish to discuss how the author uses the rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos). Think of your response as your analysis of how the documentary tries to influence its viewers through the rhetorical choices the directors make and how your evaluation of the documentary and ideas has expanded and deepened your thinking.

It is especially important that you follow APA in-text citations when supporting your ideas in the paper. We will be going over this in class, but feel free to ask me if you have any questions as the in-text citations are a key skill to learn in academic writing. In addition, a References page should be completed as shown on page 191 in the Seagull Handbook.

Skeleton Outline of the Paper: I. Introduction II. A summary of 1-2 paragraphs III. Provide a thesis statement by the end of the summary paragraph(s) that describes your position on the topic along with the reasons why. The thesis statement should provide an answer to the focusing question: why were Japanese Americans interred during WW II? The response section is the longest part of the paper: IV. Provide support for your thesis using reasons (topic sentences in your own words) and evidence (ideas from the documentary, readings, or your own experiences). Support these reasons using evidence from the research sources. V. Conclusion

Format (APA research paper style)

• Length: at least 4-5 pages *not including Cover or References page • Double Spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins • APA style Cover Page • Page number in upper left corner on every page except the cover page • A title, other than the assignment or title of the video, centered above the essay • Use APA style in-text citations and end of paper References page • Note that neglecting the References page is considered plagiarism and will earn the grade of zero (0) for this assignment

One last bit of advice: this assignment is a common assignment in most disciplines. Summarizing and responding to a topic is an effective tool to demonstrate understanding of the material. However, this assignment is also challenging; it is not something that can be put together quickly and be effective. Over the next few classes, we will move through the steps of the process of putting this project together. It is important to stay on top of the work in order to be successful.

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