The Secret Place

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The Secret Place

The Secret Place

Elements: The focus of your presentation is on analytical engagement with the novel. In the process of your analysis, you will want to make sure to include the following elements:  Characterize the detective hero as he/she relates to the kinds of detective heroes we’ve discussed this term.  Place the novel in its cultural and historical context by discussing the setting of the novel and pertinent information aboutthe author’s background.  Describe the crime and the victim(s)  Discuss possible suspects  Discuss misleading clues.  You CAN discuss the solution of the crime IF YOU WISH. I recongize that sometimes it might just be necessary to so in the interest of analytical engagement. Still, you might want to flag any spoilers for classmates who are also reading the book.

Questions for consideration: Use the following list of questions to generate ideas for grounding your presentation in critical engagement. I do not necessarily expect you to answer all of these questions in your work.

Who is the detective hero?

What social attitudes does this hero possess and how might that relate to the novel’s cultural and historical context?

What social, cultural, or political concerns might this novel be overtly or implicitly addressing?

Are there particular social dynamics that are specific to the context of the novel?

How do these dynamics shape who has power and how they use it? Are there, for example, social dynamics that made the victim(s) powerless and vulnerable?

Are there ways in which the author strives to get us to understand the criminals point of view?

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