Tic Tac Toe Project Assignment

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Tic Tac Toe Project Assignment

Design (choose 1)

Design a book jacket that captures the action or ideas in your book.
Design a movie poster with words and symbols that capture the theme(s) related to your book. Write (choose 1)

Write a newspaper editorial based on an issue that arises in the book. Discuss your opinion regarding this issue and characters involved in depth.
Write an alternate ending to your book.
Rewrite part of your book from another character’s perspective. Verbal/Oral (choose 1)

Dress up as your favorite character from your book and tell us your side of the story.
Stand up in front of the class as an advertiser of your book. Sell it to us – make us want to read it!

Create a soundtrack or CD with at least 5 songs on it. Each song must represent the story in some way, whether it is a character, a conflict, or an overall theme of the novel. Each song should have a written description explaining why you chose the song. (use iTunes) Technology

Create a movie trailer based on your book. The trailer must include at least 4 scenes from the novel that relate to the plot pyramid (introduction, rising action, climax, falling action…). The trailer must include visuals such as filming or pictures. The trailer must include appropriate music. (use iMovie or Windows MovieMaker) Draw

Draw and color a map of the places a character traveled to – real or in his/her mind. Be sure to label the key places and events. Include a separate key explaining the major locations and events marked on your map and how these events or locations affected the character in the story.

Produce a recorded radio show podcast where you interview one of the characters. Ask questions related to the story, discuss an issue or conflict within the story, and discuss the overall theme of the book. (use GarageBand or Audacity) Visual

Make a PowerPoint slideshow summarizing the plot of your novel. Each slide should explain in detail each level of the plot pyramid (introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution). Each slide should contain a picture/visual. This will be presented to the class. Create

Create a blog for one of your characters, and write 3 journal entries from this characters’ perspective. The entries should discuss conflicts and themes related to the book. (use WordPress.com)
DIRECTIONS: To complete this board, you must choose ONE assignment for two different summer reading novels (one assignment per novel). Summer project is due 9/4/18 (A day) and 9/5/18 (B Day). In addition, you must choose ONE additional assignment that you have not already done for the homeroom novel you’ve read. One assignment is due by the end of each Marking period.

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